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26-May-2018 06:48

As it turns out, giving up Google is possible, and the experience isn’t nearly as bad as you might think.This is a look at what I’m still able to do without relying on any of Google’s services, including Google Play services, and what I have had to give up.LG, HTC, and Samsung devices come with a number of pre-installed apps that you will only find on each company’s devices.These apps will continue to work without syncing your phone to a Google account.Next is what’s left after I disable all the apps that require a Google account.Altogether, fifteen apps wouldn’t let me do anything without logging in, and one of them couldn’t be disabled (Google Search).Slow updates can leave you open to known vulnerabilities.

When I first started using Google, it was to perform searches.

Since it’s really hard to know which apps in the Play Store are open source, avoiding it entirely decreases your likelihood of installing something closed. Here are some reasons why you might want to exercise restraint.

You will still need to get apps from somewhere, but we’ll come back to that. You might not be able to continue using much of what you rely on right now.

Opting not to sign in with a Google account reduces some of the information you’re giving away.

That said, it won’t suddenly turn your device into a ghost.

On a Nexus device, however, the situation is a bit more challenging. Below is what I see after performing a factory reset on my Nexus 5 running Android Marshmallow.

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