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In the larger cities, notably Atlanta, Macon, and Savannah, local black leaders used their voting power to elect more moderate officials, forcing concessions such as the appointment of black police and higher spending for black schools.

Under the charismatic leadership of the Reverend Ralph Mark Gilbert from Savannah, the NAACP grew to more than fifty branches by 1946.

Protest away from the major cities, however, was comparatively faltering and sporadic.

Some black leaders commented ruefully that the civil rights movement stopped in Perry, a small town to the south of Atlanta.

At a state level, black leaders confidently sought to prevent the notorious white supremacist Eugene Talmadge from being elected governor for the fourth time.

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The 1940s marked a major change in Georgia's civil rights struggle.Georgia's other notably successful movements were in Brunswick, Macon, and Rome, where black leaders often used the threat of heightened protest to force anxious city governments to take the lead in avoiding social the first to respond to protests elsewhere in the South, and under the leadership of students Lonnie King and Herschelle Sullivan, they organized a sophisticated and durable campaign.The manipulative behavior of the city government, hiding behind its slogan of "the City Too Busy to Hate," coupled with the hesitant support of Atlanta's traditional black leadership, however, prevented the movement from securing a swift end to segregation.Furthermore, the political tumult of the World War II era, as the nation fought for democracy in Europe, presented an ideal opportunity for African American leaders to press for racial change in the South.

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As some black leaders pointed out, the notorious German leader Adolf Hitler gave racism a bad name.planned an attempt to vote in the July 4, 1944, Democratic primary.

The segregation of public schools in Georgia and other southern states was declared unconstitutional in 1954 with the U. However, divisions among protest leaders (King's brief presence was resented by some student activists), tactical mistakes, the machinations of local police chief Laurie Pritchett, and the stubborn defense of white supremacy meant that the campaign was unable to force a citywide desegregation agreement in the short term.

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